Sunday, October 9, 2011


Don't you just love the smell of baby oil?

And how it makes your skin all soft and shiny?

Me too :)

So at least a couple of times a week I drown myself in it while I'm showering.

There is a reason I do it in the shower, rather than when I get out.

The reason is that IN the shower the water just beads up and rolls off of me, and I am moisturized, but if I do it when I get OUT of the shower, the oil just sits on my skin so heavily that I stay oily.

I've done this for a long time now, so it's become routine for me.

There lies the problem.....when I get so used to doing something that it becomes routine, I often overlook the  important little details.

Like the fact that I always....... ALWAYS, spray a no-scrub-bleach-cleaner in the shower when I'm done to get rid of the slippery residue that the baby oil leaves behind.

Spray and walk away.

Makes it look like I've been scrubbing the shower all day.

Let me take you back in time to about a week ago...........

HUBBY:   "Princess, did you use baby oil in the shower today?

ME:           (duh)   Yes, why?

HUBBY:    "Because I just about slipped and busted my ass in there, that's why!"

ME:         (oops, my bad!)    What?!, You know I always spray bleach cleaner in there when I'm done!


HUBBY:    "Well you didn't this time. That was very dangerous, and you know if I slipped in there it would
             be bad, right?"

ME:   .........Yes sir...........

HUBBY:    "You are not to use baby oil in the shower anymore, understood?"

ME:            *pouting*........ Yes sir.............I'm sorry..........I guess I just forgot this time.

OK, now lets spring forward to this afternoon, shall we??

I had the house all to myself.... Hubby was at work & the boys were at a friends house.

I decided to have a little "me time" before all the testosterone came home again.

So I'm taking a nice hot shower.......just relaxing..........and then I decided that it had been awhile, and as long as I spray down the shower when I'm done, he will never know, right???

Umm..... Not so much.

When I was done baby oiling myself from head to toe, I put the bottle on the ledge that runs around the top of the shower, and I had just finished rinsing off when I heard the bathroom door open.


I turned the shower off and opened the shower door to see my hubby standing there smiling at me.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it, and nervously gave him a kiss, (please don't look up, please don't look up), and said "well, how did you get so lucky to get home so early??"

He could sense my nervousness and looked at me strangely.

I just kept smiling.......... doing my thing......... drying off........hoping that my super-shiny-hiney wouldn't give me away..........hoping he would be so busy watching me walk around naked that he wouldn't look up and see that bottle of baby oil on the shower ledge.

But he did.

I watched his face as it turned from the bottle of baby oil down to me. He did not look happy.

HUBBY:      "Princess, I'm going to ask you just one time....did you use baby oil in the shower.....after I told you that you were not allowed to anymore?"

ME:       Umm...........yes sir..............but you weren't supposed to be home yet............ and I was going to make sure I sprayed the shower down....................and...........

He took me by the hand and led me very quickly over to the bed...........and somewhere between the shower and the bed I lost my there I was.......all naked ........and shiny...........and moisturized...

Before he sat down on the bed he grabbed the wooden hairbrush out of the night stand drawer and pulled me down across his lap, and the sound of that wooden hairbrush smacking my baby-oiled-hiney was so much louder than usual and it hurt so much.

I was pleading with him telling him how much more it hurt because of all the baby oil.......and all he said was, "That's just fine with me!"

*sigh* Maybe some day I will stop being so stubborn and do what I'm told.

In the meantime, does anyone know how to get  baby oil stains out of  blue jeans??



  1. Princess, you are my hero!!
    I envy you so...a bath time spanking is every girls fantasy, but you get bath time + baby oil!!

    I <3 your blog, you are so comical, you never disappoint!!
    Keep on going strong girl!!


  2. LOL Thanks so much mandy may! You just made my day :)


  3. Yup...they call this "deliberate disobedience". There's no way out, no excused accepted. Sad, but true. Sorry...that first few seconds after you realize that you're busted is really awful...I know it well. Maybe you should change to baby oil cream that you could put on after??

  4. LOL Susie, you tell it like it is :)

    You're right, it was deliberate disobedience, but I always seem to be able to make excuses in my mind to do what I want, where it doesn't sound as bad as it is.
    I'm horrible about that. Every time I get a spanking my hubby tells me I need to work on my submission because he knows how strong my will is. It's like my heart vs my will. How can I win when I'm fighting myself? Ya know?
    P.S. thanks for the suggestion, I just might try the baby oil cream!

  5. Oh I know...and as the excuses are tumbling out of my mouth they start to sound so ridiculous and I wonder how I let myself believe them in the first place. When it's not something serious sometimes it even makes us both laugh for a minute...till he sends me upstairs. You really would think that we'd learn, but I still do this. Sigh.

  6. Love baby oil, it's just not the same putting it on once you're out :( but...... yeah, definite slipping hazard lol and it must be hard to hide its distinctive smell.
    I'm with you and Susie on the excuses (so good to realise its not just me!)...... everything sounds so reasonable to myself, until I'm cornered with having to voice them...... then they do sound sooo poor that I wonder why I ever thought they'd be acceptable!!!

    Dee x

  7. SUSIE- Ditto girl, same here, just don't know what I was thinking sometimes:)

    Dee- LOL no it's not just you! I honestly think it's all of us! and yup, you are right, baby oil just isn't the same when it's applied out of shower,and Susie, I did end up trying the cream, and it's nice...but just not the same :(


  8. Ooops! Unfortunately, I can picture myself doing something like that. I'd probably justify it by thinking that he was being unreasonable and that he should've just said that I need to make sure that I sprayed the shower afterward. Somehow I doubt Michael would really care about my reasoning, because, as Susie said, this would fall under "deliberate disobedience" and that never goes over well. Now I try to stop myself and ask him first, see if there's any chance for a change of heart on his part. Of course then if he still said no and I did it anyway, that would be even worse.

  9. GRACE- I justified it exactly as you just wrote, but I don't even bother asking him to reconsider.....once hubby has made up his mind, that's all she wrote :(


  10. That's the case with Michael often too. However, sometimes, once he understands my reasons behind it or how something affects me...and he knows I'm not just trying to manipulate him...he will sometimes reconsider. It's certainly not something I can count on though.

  11. oh god i do that all the time...not the baby oil specifically but i just never do as i am told.....why do we do this when we know exactly where we are going to end up. The baby oil would be worth it though....i may just have to buy some for myself this week...mmm....oh and as for bathtime getting one tonight...aparently!
    love and hugs, kiwi xxx

  12. Kiwi- I've been wondering the same thing! Why do we love our men so much, but still disobey?

    That Baby oil can be wonderful but it can also be not so fun when it's used against you!! Lol
    Yay! I hope you enjoy your bathtime spanking tonight ;)


  13. OMG that sounds so so painful!! yikes

  14. omg i love i wish i could get a spanking like that but i have no one that i could even go to for one...... lucky! ;)