Monday, October 24, 2011


So, I'm coming up on three (3!) weeks with no smoking.

Yay me!

It is getting easier every day......

I rarely even crave them anymore.

Only in severe times of stress.....and even those are becoming less frequent.

I can't really say that I notice any real changes since I stopped smoking....except that I have become super sensitive to the smell of smoke now.

I don't like it.

I love it when I shake my hair around I can smell shampoo instead of smoke.

So anyway, if you have read my "follow up to spanking away the addiction" post, you already know that I broke quite a few of my rules the second week of not smoking because my hubby wasn't around much that week to help me out.

I know I was wrong......

In the ones I purposely broke anyway.

But, to tell you the truth, I would break them 10 times over again if it kept me from smoking.

But I also knew D day would come. Or would that be DD day??

I guess that day has come, because I woke up to this text from my hubby this morning:

"Today is no panty day. Dress accordingly."

Well good morning to you too! Geez.

I know what that means. It means he wants me to know at the start of the day, that I'm in trouble.

And that every time I notice or remember that I'm not wearing any, I will think of him.........the rules he makes.........the rules I broke............and that I'm in trouble when he gets home tonight.

Now, please bow your heads in prayer for me...................

No, seriously.... My hubby is a very fair man.

He knows how hard this has been on me.

He's very proud of me.

But I also knows he takes his duty of HOH seriously.

So tonight....princess pays the price.........

But just to be on the safe side...anybody want to start a "Pray For Princess" petition???

~Princess xoxo


  1. I will, I will!...but alas, I have no pull with HOH's anywhere. All around the world they take one look at me and declare that I'm trouble. I'd just make matters worse and be declared a "bad influence."

    It is an ingenious idea he has there. This skirt wearing wifey will make sure that her hubby doesn't read this post!

    I hope he goes easy on you. You've been working very, very hard.

  2. Susie's M here... she failed.


  3. Awwww! Yes! I will pray he's lenient even if you do have to pay up.

    Congrats, congrats, congrats on the no smoking! I am so damn proud of you. That is so very hard. You will thank yourself. Looks like you are already seeing the benefits.

    Good luck tonight!!!

    Big Hugs,

  4. Nearly 3weeks!!!! You're doing brilliantly and I haven't had one 'ranting' email yet :) it's encouraging to know you're finding it slightly easier than you thought :)

    Hope the rule breaking consequences weren't too bad!

    Dee x

    Ps: LOL at Susie's M!!

  5. No panty day...must keep this idea from my husband (and do a better job of it than Susie, lol)! Congrats on the 3 weeks, that's awesome! :)

  6. You got it made Princess!! 3 weeks?! You're in the clear! Awesome, Awesome, Way to go!
    Hope your punishment wasn't too bad last night...I said a little prayer for you<3
    Mandy May<3

  7. Susie, I too am a skirt wearing wife, so yes, it is very effective way to keep a girl thinking about what is to come....
    And thanks:) Yes, he wasn't easy on me, but he was fair.

    Susie's M, Too funny :)

    Kelly, Thank you girl:) It has been 3 weeks today and I'm pretty proud of me too!

    Dee, LOL nope, I haven't felt the need to rant believe it or not! 3 weeks today and I feel really great..confident about really making it this time:)

    Grace, Yes keep it from your husband as long as you can! Panties are a good thing! And thanks for the cheers on not smoking:)

    Mandy May, Yes, I feel like I've got it made now too... and the punishment wasn't easy...but it was fair. Guess that's all I could ask for, huh?

    ~Princess xoxo